Robert’s Fine Jewelry strives to provide our customers the highest quality diamonds for the best possible prices.  No matter the budget, we work hard to find the perfect stone for our customer.  Our knowledgeable staff is able to answer customer's questions so that they feel confident in purchasing the diamond that is just right for them. 
We have developed strong relationships with many diamond cutters and importers.  These relationships allow us to source diamonds of every cut and quality.   Every diamond half-carat or larger comes with a diamond grading report from an indepemdent laboratory such as the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) or the American Geological Society (AGS).

When you buy a diamond from Robert’s, you can be assured that you are getting the best value possible for your money. 

Royal Asscher

Today, the Asscher name is used for marketing the generic square emerald cut. Royal Asscher no longer cuts the generic Asscher.  Royal Asscher’s signature diamond, the Royal Asscher® Cut, has 16 more facets than the square-emerald Asscher, 74 in total. The Royal Asscher Cut is protected by a worldwide patent and each stone is laser inscribed on the girdle with the Royal Asscher logo and ID number, assigned to a single diamond only, which is listed on the Royal Asscher Certificate of Authenticity. The Royal Asscher Cut is perfectly symmetrical – the diamond has spectacular scintillation and dispersion.


Lazare Kaplan believes that diamonds represent something unique and precious, that the finest diamonds are a symbol of the absolute best nature and man can create together.

Robert’s Fine Jewelrywill help you understand diamonds so you may make a selection with confidence.  Lazare brands each ideal-cut diamond it creates.  Invisible to the naked eye, the signature inscription serves forever as a positive proof of authenticity and ownership.

Asking for Lazare by name assures customers that they are getting a diamond of the highest quality.  Every diamond is cut to ideal proportions and adheres to strict tolerances that govern color and clarity. If it’s a…  LAZARE – YOU JUST KNOW


The Blaze diamond by Bez Ambar was designed with the sole obsession of capturing and magnifying the phenomenon of blasting light into a rainbow of vibrant colors.  This cosmic blaze shines through and illuminates the human spirit.


The patented FireMark is the single most perfectly cut Princess Diamond there is… period.

  • The first Princess Cut ever to consistently rival an Ideal Round in brilliance – with an astounding 98% + average light return.
  • "Excellent" ratings from the GIA in Polish and Symmetry
  • Shallower depth so you’re not paying for weight you can’t see
  • FireMark diamond is approximately 10% larger than a typical Princess of equal carat weight.  This means a .90 point FireMark will appear to be the same size or larger than a typical 1 carat Princess.

FireMark diamonds are never cut to maximize the weight of a diamond.  They’re always cut to maximize beauty.  This assures maximum brilliance, fire and sparkle.
Look for the FireMark® logo inscribed on your diamond’s girdle to assure this is truly a FireMark Princess Cut Diamond.


The Ideal2 is the finest cut and proportioned square diamond produced in the world today. When you see a diamond you see light... reflected and refracted. This brilliance is beauty, and no other diamond reflects more light than an Ideal2 diamond. It is the evolution of perfection.